goodbye, Allston


Alas!  It’s sad to say, but with Jon and Jen’s wedding of last week, April 21, 2012, Tangerine Creations said their goodbyes.  This was the last wedding prepared by Tangerine Creations at 119 Braintree St.

However, Jon and Jen’s wedding will not be the last wedding created by Tangerine Creations.  In fact, we have a wedding tomorrow!  Yes, tomorrow!  It will be the first in our new space at 141 Malden St.  Yay!

Allston, it’s been real, but we’re growing up and we’ve moved to the South End!

We will truly miss you, Allston.  We will also miss Earl, Fiorella’s ExpressLovejoy Designs, Nick from UPS, and many more.  We can’t take Allston with us, but we KNOW we will still see Earl, and the girls from Lovejoy Designs.  Fiorella’s, you’re welcome to visit, too!  Do you deliver to Albany St.?

Here are some photos of the flowers from Jon and Jen’s wedding.