The Tangerine Creations Flower School is located in Boston’s South End, directly across the street from the Boston Flower Exchange. TCFS focuses on floral design that is career focused, bringing friends together to learn about floral design, and donating our time to organizations or charities by teaching people with low income or disabilities a skill that could potentially help them find a job.

Classes at TCFS will be taught by Orly, Martha and other esteemed floral designers in the Greater Boston area. They will share their skills, design theory, and knowledge of working in the wedding industry. Below are the classes we are currently offering. Look below to find schedules and class descriptions.

To attend any of our classes, please contact us at 617-202-0299. Please book early, as space is limited.

floral designer series

Students will learn about the complete process of designing florals for an event or wedding. This includes, but is not limited to, floral design, planning, implementation, and coordination for the day of the event. The student will have the opportunity to learn about the wedding design industry through floral design professionals and guest speakers in the Greater Boston area.

Look to the Fall of 2014 for a full list of the Floral Designer Classes.

friends with flowers

Floral design classes designed for those interested in flowers as a hobby. Learn how to design for your own space, give unique flower pieces created by yourself, and surround yourself with beautiful and fragrant flowers while meeting others who share the same interest. Learn more about our classes below.

MAKE IT A PARTY…$650 for a party of 10 friends
This class is scheduled upon demand. Materials and refreshments will be provided.
Invite TCFS to host a party in your home. Designed to mix a social gathering with flowers, your friends will love to learn how to florally design their homes for special dinners or holiday socials. Each class is tailored based on the season and the participants’ aspirations. Call us to schedule a party.

Tuesday, July 1st 9-11am with light refreshments provided.
Students will learn about balance and structure when designing an floral art piece.  This class involves using moss, properly wiring succulents, learning about proper succulent and orchid care including sunlight and water.

Tuesday, July 8th 5:30-7:30pm with light refreshments provided.
Students will experiment with a variety of succulents and learn about proper care for by discussing potting soil, drainage, water, light and care. Students will use materials in class to build their own succulent garden.

Friday, July 25th 9-11am with light refreshments provided.
Students will learn about proper care, potting soil, drainage, temperature, water, light exposure and fertilizer care for succulents and plants. Students will design and take home their own terrarium.

Tuesday, July 29th 5:30-7:30pm with light refreshments provided.
This is an amazing time for dahlias, right at the beginning of their season! We will look at a variety of dahlias in various colors. In this entry level class, we will learn about caring for this ultra delicate bloom while learning tips on how to make this blooms last longer. Students will make an arrangement to take home.

care for you

Let TCFS come to your non-profit organization or charity for a class or series of classes. TCFS works with people in need that are looking for a visual hobby that includes working with your hands. It’s a great way to make someone smile or spark their interest in a new hobby or career path. Please let us know if you are a non-profit agency that is interested in having TCFS donate our time for the participants of your program.

Tangerine Creations would like you to know that 15% of your fee will be donated to help fund the TCFS Care for You Classes.